Life in Trash - the actual survival through garbage

A journey through the dumping areas of different parts of Middle East taught me another phase of human life. I really wondered while seeing some of them were in search of something from among the waste materials. I approached them curiously and asked about that. That paled faces had a lot to tell me. They are in search of used dresses and household articles. They used to collect the things to recycle for further use. Even meat and vegetables that have been thrown away get cooked and eaten. It’s enough to sustain the thousands who live and work here removing cans, rags, plastics and glass bottles – anything they can sell to recycling companies – from the unsorted waste. I saw more male workers there and are mainly from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal who are working there for several years in the dumps. They lead their life between toxic substances, foul odours, stray animals, diseases, flies and extreme weather.

These people who live away from home and make helps to support their families, but Life is undoubtedly harsh for them. A 59 year old 'Ahamed' from Bangladesh says “I’m not ashamed to be a recycler; it’s a way to support my family. And this people continue to live with hope for a better tomorrow.

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