A home in the darkness, as cold as death!

Old age homes in Nepal are numerous where the elderly people of ages around 60 and above, spend the rest of their life. Many of the senior citizens who are either shunned or abandoned by their families, face the prospect of lonely death at these shelters, and the staff having to arrange their funerals. Often, the elderly are reluctant to visit loved ones at homes which were built during their heydays dreaming of a life with the next generation.The story is being repeated for generations. Sons and daughters are driving elderly parents out of the house once the property has been bequeathed to them and possession granted.  "It is a rebirth for me here, this home is my asylum and I am able to forget the past," 68-year-old Lakshmi Thakuri says choked with emotion. "After my wife's death, my sons took turn to look after me but I realised it was all for money. True respect and affection were missing. I'm better off here," the old man says. "I wouldn't go anywhere else. This is my home," says Mrs. Wangdu, who still has property in Helambu but was forced to leave because of her son's constant threats. Walk through these pathways and you'll hear similar pathetic stories in any old age home you visit; many are victims of domestic violence.

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